Not by Bread Alone

In a recent essay, I discussed the fundamental role despair has played in the opioid crisis. Further that the horrifying and climbing number of opioid deaths is part of a larger phenomenon of deaths of despair – drug overdose, alcoholism, suicide – that began at the millennium, reversing a decades long trend of increasing longevity.  Finally, that these deaths of despair have disproportionately stricken young to middle-aged, unemployed, non-college graduate whites. Continue reading

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More Government is not the Answer

Many believe that only more government intervention can solve our economic and societal ills.  Yet one can reasonably argue that big government programs, though well-intended, have worsened the very problems they were implemented to address. Notable examples – The War on Poverty has trapped people in poverty, the Affordability Care Act has made healthcare insurance less affordable, and No Child Left Behind has left the poorest children behind.  Simplified or outright faulty analysis of the cause of the problems as well as often predictable unintended consequence are chief among the reasons these government programs fail. Even worse, the original problems e.g. poverty, unaffordable healthcare, dismal inner-city public education, etc., have their origins in government policy unintended outcomes. Continue reading

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The Opioid Crisis – No Simple Answers

Our society is in the throes of a devastating opioid epidemic.  Data from the Center of Disease Control reveals drug overdose deaths nearly tripled from 1999 to 2014.  Of the 46,055 deaths that occurred in 2014, 28,647 (60.9%) involved a narcotic.  Drug overdose deaths increased again in 2015, exceeding 52,000. Continue reading

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Non-profit Does Not Mean Charitable

Commonly, we equate non-profit organizations with charitable organizations. In fact, that assessment often is inappropriate.  Non-profit is a designation granted by the IRS that exempts an organization from paying any taxes – local, state, federal, and property.  IRS eligible tax exempt missions include charitable, religious, scientific, and educational.  Even considering just those organizations with IRS acknowledged charitable missions would still include many entities most would not consider charitable. Continue reading

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The American Healthcare Act:  The Bad, the Good, and the Flawed Criticism

Fortunately, the Republican establishment failed in their attempt to pass their “repeal” and replace legislation – The American Healthcare Act (AHCA). Without a doubt, true healthcare reform is desperately needed, but the AHCA falls short. Continue reading

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