First and foremost, I am an Orthodox Christian but know that I continually fall woefully short and “miss the mark”.  I am a member of St John’s Chrysostom Orthodox Church and Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, both in York, PA.

I have been a practicing orthopaedic spine surgeon in York since January of 1992.  I am a partner of Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists a cutting edge, full service orthopaedic practice.  I pray for strength, wisdom, and humility that my patients would do well in my care.

I serve on the Board of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary a faithful steward of the Christian Church standing firmly in this secular world proclaiming there is absolute Goodness and Truth in the world — our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  My wife Lisa and I are inspired by and support Logos Academy, a Christ-centered K thru 8th grade school in the city of York.

I am proud of and love These United States.  I am a member of The Heritage Foundation, The State Policy Network and The Commonwealth Foundation.  Locally, I belong to The York 9-12 Patriots, York County Action, and York County Campaign for Liberty.

I have been known to spend a fair amount of time on road and mountain bikes.

I am blessed with a loving family, including mother and father, brother Steven, and sisters Joyce and Kathy, and 3 nieces and 9 nephews.  Lisa and I have 3 beautiful daughters, Katy, Thea, and Allie. 

I am the son and grandson of Greek immigrants, but ultimately we are all sons and daughters of immigrants who came to These United States for the liberties and freedoms it offered and to work hard and to sacrifice so they could give their children and posterity a better life.  But now the eroded state of our liberties and the economic and fiscal condition of our country threatens our children’s future.   Only by again embracing the traditional American economic principles, individual freedoms, and values founded in the unalienable rights proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence and by putting right the political and governmental process that serves self and special interests and not this country’s citizens, will we restore, for all of our children, the opportunity to work for and and live the American Dream.


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