July 4, 2012

Reflecting on this celebration of our great country with thankfulness and pride, I can’t help but also mourn the step-by-step turning away from the traditional American economic principles, freedoms, and values, and from the vision of American exceptionalism that have made The United States of America the global economic engine and shining light of freedom for the last century. The dual forces of the welfare state ideology and the corrupt (corrupting) political process have eroded our liberty and national greatness – the freedom and exceptionalism that bloomed and flourished from the Declaration of our God-given unalienable rights and their protection under our Constitution.

Entitlement state ideology and its wealth redistribution policies increasingly undermine the American foundational concept of property rights. Protection of the fruits of an individual’s physical and intellectual labor has been the cornerstone of our country’s unmatched economic growth over the last 2 centuries. To our country’s economic and societal detriment, our federal government increasingly disregards property rights with the ever growing welfare state. The welfare state has encouraged dependency and unearned entitlement, and has discouraged self-responsibility and initiative.

Politically correct secular world view is unraveling the fabric of American society by deemphasizing virtues such as love of God, country, and family; responsibility for self, family and neighbor; respect for elders and those in authority; industriousness, honesty, and living within one’s means. Now tolerance is exalted as the supreme virtue. Tolerance no longer simply means that persons have the right to hold different beliefs or belief systems. Politically correct tolerance says all beliefs and belief systems are equally good and correct, effectively rejecting the concept of judging right from wrong.

No less damaging to our liberty is the corrupted political system that serves self and special interests rather than the citizens it allegedly represents. As a result of the nearly irresistible allure to remain in political office and its power and privilege, our political establishment has proven unable to truly problem solve and address the daunting problems facing our nation. “Reform” bills (financial, energy, health care, etc.) rarely address underlying causes of problems but rather are bundles of protected special interests or simply implementing ideological agendas.

National debt at $15 trillion now equals our GDP and yet that number pales to the true debt including unfunded liabilities, e.g. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, state liabilities, which are estimated at 10 times the national debt. Deficit entitlement spending has turned upside-down the hallowed American tradition of parents and grandparents sacrificing to give their children a better future. Not only are we failing to save and invest in their future, we instead are stealing money from their future by deficit spending for present entitlements. The increasingly widening discrepancy between GDP growth and debt growth can only end in economic calamity.

The economy continues to struggle with persistent and high unemployment. Long term joblessness (>26 weeks) exceeds 43% of the total number of unemployed persons. In 2010, 46% of Federal tax filers paid no income tax and nearly 40% actually received a payment in the form of a tax credit. The number of individuals dependent on government for housing, subsistence, and/or medical care is nearly 1 in 5 Americans. Such growing dependency threatens the very essence of our republican system of government.

Hard working taxpayers understand as unemployment persists or grows, and dependency on government grows, we and future taxpayers will personally assume increasing (confiscatory) tax liability. Yet we must also recognize the terrible injustice of past and ongoing misguided government policies that hurt the economy, increase unemployment, and encourage this dependence on government. These faulty policies, in the end, take away the individual’s right and bestowed human dignity to support one’s self and family and to make one’s own life’s decisions.

American exceptionalism that blossomed from the protection of the unalienable rights of the individual person has been steadily replaced by the ever evolving human-conceived rights of society. American exceptionalism has been steadily replaced by the concept of equality of goodness of all the world’s political and social systems. The progressive democrats’ rejection of the belief in American exceptionalism has brought us to the brink of a fiscal, economic, and social crisis that threatens our country’s prosperity, and security; and ultimately, our very sovereignty and identity.

We must fight to restore our great country and our place as “the city on the hill” in this world by once again embracing the vision of American exceptionalism. A vision made possible by the traditional American economic principles, individual freedoms and responsibilities, and values that made our great land the global economic engine and bastion of freedom – principles, freedoms, responsibilities, and values inherent in and nurtured by a system of government founded in the declaration and the safeguarding our God-given unalienable individual rights.

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2 Responses to July 4, 2012

  1. Warren C. Bulette says:

    Your eloquence is exceeded only by your ability to put our beloved country back on the path the Founding Fathers envisioned

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