A Vision of American Exceptionalism

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The United States of America with a vibrant and sustainable economy that affords individuals and families the ability and dignity to provide for themselves.
The United States of America protecting economic and personal freedoms that allow individuals to decide what sacrifices they will make, education they will pursue, opportunities and talents they will use, risks they will assume to achieve success.

The Unites States of America that protects an individual’s right to openly worship, thank, and glorify God according to their beliefs.

The United States of America that promotes a healthy, prosperous, and just society by espousing traditional American values including self-responsibility and self-reliance for self and family, charity and looking out for one’s neighbors, living within one’s means, industriousness, honesty, fidelity, patriotism, and traditional family structure.

The United States of America that provides a safety net for subsistence, health-care, and education for those in need as well as providing opportunities and incentives for those individuals to provide for themselves.

The United States of America committed to passing on a better life and country to the next generation and committed to not passing on debt.

The United States of America foreign policy grounded in 2 essential missions:  1.  The steadfastness and economic strength to make us secure from those who would do harm to our nation and its citizens.  2.  Serving as the model of liberty, and economic and societal success for the rest of the world and reclaiming our stature as “the city on the hill”  by once again embracing the foundational principles proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence and guaranteed to us in our United States Constitution.

Lastly, The United States of America with a limited and accountable government that fosters, rather than impedes this vision.

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